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Noise Reduction for your home. Windows with good weather sealing are essential for effective sound insulation. uPVC window profiles are welded and have multiple chamber construction. These two factors combined with the thickness of glass, provide the finished window with excellent acoustic insulation, reflecting sound waves before they have the opportunity to create vibrations and noise. Noise reductions of up to 40-45dB can improve your sleep, decrease stress, improve a work environment and concentration, and add re-sale value to your home.
Installing the 70mm 5 chambered profile with double glazed or triple glazed windows will help to keep the house cool in summer and warm during winter. In winter, when the heat transfer is reduced uPVC windows will also cut the warmth loss, so you will consume less energy to heat the house and pay less for the energy bills, that's why customers prefers to use Sun Windows for their projects.
uPVC Partition Systems. Office partition made by Upvc profiles with Upvc panels, not only give the looks. It performs better than aluminium partition like reduces the street noise to the highest level compared to normal aluminium partition and keeps cool inside the office. Thanks to the specially designed 13mm hallow section Upvc panel board and glasses with multi chambered Upvc profiles which brings the lots of advantages over conventional types.
Upvc windows are all time weather proof windows, yet properly designed windows will also enhances the Aesthetic Looks of the building as well. Sun Windows have multiple colours options to choose to meet customers requirements. Sun Windows presence across all places in Karnataka, makes customers to trust the brand for their upvc windows and door needs.